Jumat, 06 Juli 2007

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

Dear the Headmaster Universitas Surakarta

Dear all the Lecturers and Staff Office Univesitas Surakarta

And to friends

First of all, come here we to climb and to praise tank goodness to Allah SWT. By the permission of God and God marcy I can to meet friends and do the test one hours may God easy I do the test with oke and right. Amin Ya Robbial ‘alamin.where are I will speak and knoleadges on the the computer components on the computer and with some think to fit of the coputer.


The main of to use from computer system is the manner data for product informasi. So that need to back up of elements.Harware,Software and Brainware. Harware is tools of the computer, Software is programe the content of command to some think the prosses, brainware is the man to wind with on operated with of regular computer system.

Stucture and Fuction of the Computer

The definition of structure computer as styes from a component the computer another hook. The everage fuction of computer definition operated respectively component the park of structure. There is structure and function from everage the component from the computer is exempel:

1. Input Device

Input Device is hardware the function tools input of data or command to computer

2. Output Device

Output Device is hardware the computer output display manner product of data. output can see hard copy,soft copy,or sound.

3. I/O Port

There park use for input and send of data output system. Tools of input output another the connetedon port.

4. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is brain of the computer system,and we have two park thhe function (Aritmatical Lagical Unit ) of operated.as central of data and controled unit as work computer control.

5. Memory

Memory two park is internal memory and eksternal memory. Internal memory to see RAM (Random Acces Memory ) the function the keep of data we manner of programe to only time, and ROM (Read Only Memory ) is to can read only and for as the ready information of the firs time the computer to on.

6. Data Bus

Data Bus is soure transmigran data between modul of the computer system.

7. Address Bus

Addres Bus use for source located or the direcyion to procces transmigran of data. The CPU will tools memory will can to write and read.usually Addres Bus thee are to 16,20,24 or 32 paralel source.

8. Control Bus

Control Bus use for controlled acces and use data bus and addres bus thre are 4 to 10 paralel source.


Input Device is use tools for input and output system,and can see signal input or maintenance input.tools input the other use for input bprograme data. and as output tools that is Terminal.

Input tools direct look can keyboard,mouse,scanner,sensor, the everage tools no direct example disket or hardisk.

· Keyboard

Keybord use the input tools, becose the keyboard use only for input command with to imput data on the computer.

· Mouse

Mouse use as to point choosy of data and the move of object on layout the computer.to point potition look as bow on layout would move. The moving mouse.

· Disk Drive

Disk Drive to use input and output, because park of the computer will can to take of data from disket and write data on disket.

· Scanner

Scanner is electric tools to use as fotho copy machine. The product will to see on layout monitor the computer.

· Digital Camera

Digital Camera is input data looked what only. With size to relative large on the computer.

· Microphone

Microphone is tools input ssound. input sound can see hardware sound card,spiker.


Output device to product from process can classify 4 park is write, image,sound and ather the shape can read machine.

Tools input the form:

a. Monitor

Monitor to use plse layout appear thinks you work in your computer or kinds soft copy device, because out is form electric signal form picture on monitor or layout the monitor.

b. Printer

Printer use as output or kinds of the hard copy device because out product to print process in the peaper

c. Infous

Ifocus is the same nearly the computer, use is to appear the picture or visual the process data product.

v CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is place the process instruction on the computer.

v CU (Central Unit) Reins Unit

CU use the control and reins all tools thre are system computer.

v ALU (Arithmatical and Logical Unit)

ALU use worl all the count aritmatical fit with instruction programe.

v Register

Register use keep tools,property hight speed acces for keep instruction data.

v Array Processor

Array Processor use as count with total large with hight speed.

v Memory

Memory use keep the data and instruction register size large

v RAM (Random Acces Memory)

RAM use as tools input all data and programe can hight acces.


BUS use as tools contact CPU and first memory with tools input or output.


Time for finished first instruction name and for time to ready two instruction is Execution time names and use time two is cycle time names.

Keep Media (Memory ) Eksternal

Memory Eksternal is hardware for work write operation,read and keep data example: floppy disk.hard disk,cd rom,dvd rom

v Flopy Disk

Flopy Disk use to keep data on low size,to repeat of write on floppy disk.

v Zip Drive

Zip Drive use to keep file multimedia and grafis.

v Hardisk

Hardisk use to keep data or file, With size higgert capacity hardisk ther are components Plate Metal(Platter),had,electric brunch,strong brunch,DSP(Digital Signal Processor),Chip MemoryKonektor,spindle and actuator arm motor controller


CD ROM use to write data or file can only to first

v DVD (Digital Versatile Dics)

DVD ROM is advanced generation from keep technologi with to media optical disc


Hardware is tools from the computer we can to see and the taste.

There are :

Ø Input or Output Device

There are input output device can see keyboard and printer.

Ø Strorage Device

Strorage Device is media to keep data on disket,hardisk,CD-1,and flasdisk.

Ø Monitor / Screen

Monitor is as tools to what we clik on keyboard after the manner by processor.

Ø Casing Unit

Casing Unit use place from all tools the computer,righ motherboard,card,periferaland centrall processing unit (CPU).Casing is system unit names

Ø Central Processing Unit(CPU)

CPU use park only the computer as brain from computer


Software is programe the computer use to wolkingwork some think to want fit.

ü Operating System

Operating system as Dos,Unix,Windows is software use to all ativity setting component on the computer so that each can one another commucation.

ü Programe Utility

Progarme utility as GL,Myob is software apication product from the man to programmer the computer to some think of work.

ü Package Programe

Package Programe as MS.Word,MS Exel use to rote product,or administration park to letter promotion product.

ü Programe Language

Programe Language as pascal,for tran is software use to product programmer the computer.

Programe Language there are 3 park:

1) Low Level Language

Low Level Language programe language first generation,because to use machine language .

2) Midle Level Langauge

Midle Level Language is hight layer programe language, midle layer because to use language days (near yet language days).

3) Hight Level Language

Hight Level Language is hight layer programe language, because asy to know with language days.


Brainware is personels to wind with live into to use computer.as analisis system,programmer,operator,user.ect.

To classify the Computer:

1. Micro Computer

Micro Computer is computer to own memori or RAM between 512KB to 1MB

2. Mini Computer

Mini Computer is Computer to own memori or RAM between above 1MB.

Kinds of the Computer Foundation Processor

Kinds of the computer foundation processor to classify 3 park.

A. Mianframe.

Mainframe is processor the computer is to have strong.becouse the direction many warm.

B. Mini Computer.

Mini Computer is mini shape from mainframe computer.

C. Personal Computer (PC).

Personal Computer is computer the direction to firs to wear application Programe only time

Kinds of the Compter Shape Fundation and Phycical size.

ü Tower

Tower is beside to place or under of table,because big relative so that fulling the table.

ü Destop.

Destop is letter to tower computer to plase above the table, that comput many worm,because cheap the price.

ü Portable.

Portable is lesster computer from destop,because to carry easy and component of portable can brunch to be comefirst box.

ü Note Book.

Note Book is computer large as large note book.

ü Sub Note Book.

Sub Note Book is size of the computer between note book computer and palmtop

ü Palmtop

Palmtop is the computer can handful,because the size of smaller.

Kinds of the Computer foundation Data of Manner

Foundation of data manner,computer can to devide 3 park.

1. Analog Computer

Analog Computer to use to devide kwalitas of data,work to continue and parallel,the command can’t necessary language radiation.

2. Digital Computer.

Digital Computer to use to devide kuantitative data,usually can’t radiation language.

3. Hybrid Computer.

Hybrid Computer is combination between analog computer with Digital computer


Periperal is tools to contact count on motherboard to use work layer the computer.


Computer Jaringan is the only collection computer,printer,peripheral

Kinds of the Jaringan Computer.

Jarigan Computer there are 5 park:

1. Local Area Network (LAN).

LAN to use contact the personal computers and workstation

2. Metopolitan Area Network (MAN).

MAN to use personal and public.MAn able to data and sound,more can contact with jaringan cable televition.

3. Wide Area Network (WAN).

WAN to use to walk programe(application) to wear to include geografies,country,continent.

4. Internet.

Internet to use communication between the man contact to jaringan (between Jaringan)

5. Jaringan Not Cable.

Jaringan not Cable is to use satelit.

Topologi Jaringan Computer

Topologi is one style contact the computer one with another so that shape the jaringan.

Topologi Have 4 Park

ü Topologi Bus

Topologi Bus derection and isolation less wrong

ü Topologi Token Ring

Topologi Token Ring is one only style contact the computer so that ring shape

ü Topologi Star

Topologi Star is central of controlled,all link have to via centralchannel data to all knot or client choosy.knot central is station primery name’s or server and other sekunder name’s or client server.

ü Topologi Peer-to-peer Network

Topologi Peer-to-peer is jaringan computer there are several of the computer(ussualy can’t more 10 computer with 1 – 2 printer to use of jaringan.